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Weather in Puglia

The weather is typically Mediterranean on the coastal and flat country areas, with hot and dry summers, but windy and rainy winters, while continental on the internal and higher areas, Murge, Appennino Dauno and Gargano, where during the winters may not occur rarely snowfall, and persistent fog also formed during the night time.

Rain is almost a rare phenomenon during winter. The average was about 500-600 mm annually, a greater rainfall is recorded where land are well wind-protected by hille, as in the Gargano, which recorded 1,000 mm annually.

In 2003, extreme minimum temperatures usually ranged between -3.8 ° C of Foggia Amendola and 1.4 ° C of Brindisi. During the same period the most abundant rainfall has been recorded at the meteorological station of Santa Maria di Leuca (830.0 mm), while less abundant, there were at the meteorological station of Foggia Amendola (576.8 mm).

Among the extreme events that have made the history of meteorology Italian, is certainly including a tornado  on the afternoon of August 19 1976, that struck the town Sava and the surrounding countryside, until close to running out Manduria. Its passing brought very intense rainfall and strong winds of intensity that caused extensive damage.
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