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About Pope in Salento

  Everything about pope at Santa Maria di Leuca.
Intensive preparations for the arrival of the Holy Father to Santa Maria di Leuca, and the population puts the emphasis on a historical event like the fact of the visit of the Pope over the strip of land of the Cape of Leuca.
The head of Leuca was always considered a sacred territory since the construction of the temple dedicated to the goddess Minerva standing Japigio precisely on the promontory where today stands the Santuario de Finibus Terrae. Today, after millennia, faith expressed by the faithful for centuries to the Madonna di Leuca is rewarded with love and participation in the land of the Pope who has seen the beginnings of a primitive Christianity and the spread of the message Christ. E 'on this basis that entire populations have expressed their love and their faith towards the Sanctuary of Leuca. The Pastoral Visit to the Sanctuary of Santa Maria di Leuca "de finibus earth" Saturday June 14 is the sign of Divine thanks to a land turned bitter with fervent and constant prayer to the Virgin Mary has continually renewed commitment of fidelity to the Madonna and Lord Jesus, opening the horizon to the new evangelization of this territory on the borders of the earth. Now we are all responsible for a major religious, who with the help of the Pope will give us new energy and joy, hope and serenity in the way of life.
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