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How to get in Salento

A brief guide on how to achieve the most important locations Salentina as Gallipoli, Santa Maria di Leuca, Otranto, Porto Cesareo by Airports of Bari and Brindisi or Lecce railway stationBreve guida su come raggiungere le più importanti località Salentine come Gallipoli, Santa Maria di Leuca, Otranto, Porto Cesareo dagli Aereoporti di Bari e Brindisi o dalla stazione ferroviaria di Lecce AIR LINKS

To find out the plan of flights the airlines visit the company's website management of the airports of Puglia, Bari, Brindisi, Foggia (for domestic flights Tremiti Islands) and Taranto (now devoid of links):

Airports of Puglia Spa - www.aeroportidipuglia.it

or contact by telephone the two main airports of Puglia:

Bari Palese airport - Information: 39 080 5800 200

Brindisi airport - Information and Ticketing: 39 0831 4117 208




Trenitalia. For more information: www.trenitalia.it - Call center Trenitalia: 89 20 21

Regional rail links>>

Rail-Appulo Lucane (bus service with regional and interregional Basilicata). For more information: www.fal-srl.it - Tel. 39 080 5725 229

Ferrotramviaria - Ferrovie Nord-Barese (including regional bus service). For more information: www.ferrovienordbarese.it - Tel. 39 080 5789 542

Railways of South-East (including regional bus service). For more information: www.fseonline.it - Toll 800-079090

Ferrovie del Gargano (Please also regional bus service). For more information: www.ferroviedelgargano.com - Toll 800-079090



By car>>

For information on roads, highways and roads tour websites www.stradeanas.it, www.autostrade.it or contact the call center traffic to the highways to the number 840-042121

With private bus>>

Marozzi - For more information: www.marozzivt.it

Marino bus - For more information: www.marinobus.it - Toll-free: 199,800,100

Sita - For more information: www.sitabus.it

Bus Lentini - For more information: www.autolineelentini.com

Miccolis - For more information: www.miccolis-spa.it



Port Authority of Bari - Toll 800-573738 - www.porto.bari.it

Port Authority of Brindisi - to alert maritime 39 0831 4144 23 - www.porto.br.it

Port Authority of Taranto - Tel 39 099 4711 611 - www.port.taranto.it
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