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Houses, Risks Seller!

NEW ORDER ON THE SAFETY OF PLANTS TO RISK THE SALE OF BUILDINGS Since March 27 the next issue of security installations ssere must necessarily be appropriate with contractual clauses in sales and other contracts involving the transfer of buildings of any kind.
the legislative office of the Ministry of Economic Development carries out the following reasoning in this regard:
- The decree requires the seller to ensure compliance of equipment to existing rules at the time they were made;
- The obligation to guarantee "is never a derogation" and "irrespective of the time the completion of the plant."

The position of Economic Development means that in daily bargain, every vendor, from March 27 onwards should:
- To analyze the state of the facilities by a technician;
- Rely on the skills of the technical investigation to identify the time of construction or expansion or modification of the plant and to determine if the current state of responding to current technical standards at the plant themselves;
- Of course bear the associated costs of technical investigation.

In other words, according to the Legislative Office of Economic Development the buyer can not under any circumstances express the desire to buy the building apart from all these verification activities and thus exempt from any vendor.
Such an approach appears impercorribile contractual daily in practice. In addition, the ministry does not seem to consider that if the guarantee obligation is "sanctioned" (as explained replies) with a requirement for compensation, one can not expect to make mandatory the guarantee when remains waive the claimant.
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