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Protection of Tourists

Information about how to protect themselves when traveling. Data taken from Viaggareingpuglia.it TRAVELING BY TRAIN

Information on tickets>>

After buying the tickets must be used within two months, those mileage range are still valid. You need validation before boarding the train through the appropriate machines in stations. If you do not work or go to the station staff on the train. The lack of validation of the ticket or the payment of the ticket plus the surcharge of € 25.00.

The waiving of travel>>

If after purchase you surrender to the journey, it is entitled to reimbursement for a bonus provided it is applied within two months for tickets on the open or within 30 days of the achievement, before leaving the train, usually for Ticket and reservation of the post (12h for the first VL and berths).

The refund in cash provides a deduction equal to 20% of the price. The request for reimbursement is, restoring the original production of a document of identification at any ticket office and also online if tickets are purchased at national and web.

For more information: www.trenitalia.it


According to the EU Council Regulation No 261/2004, the passenger who confirmed the reservation, with a ticket to acceptance and presented in the manner and on time, has the following rights: A) to choose between reimbursement of the money without penalty within seven days, B) re - routing assistance consisting of food and beverage, hotel accommodation in case of overnight stays in and on transport, two telephone calls, fax or e-mail; C) in compensation to be paid immediately.

If the disruption caused damage to the passenger compensation falls under the following rules and the law shall be in two years. - Damage from late - damage to baggage - Damage to person

For more information: www.enac-italia.it

Hotels and other accommodations

When booking the client is accepted provided by the contract concluded hotel is true and both are bound to each other. The customer is required to bind the room that the hotel will make available to him within the time set. If the customer does not appear, the hotelier has the right to ask what had to stay. It is preferable to give notice in time.

It 'a must that at least within the room is exposed to the list of prices which should indicate the price of food, beverages and the cost of covered service. Any shortcomings concerned with the locale can be reported to local Health Unit or the core Antisofisticazioni Carabinieri. For robberies suffered the restaurant owner is liable for damages only if they are given things in custody.

The sale of travel and vacations with the "all-inclusive, is regulated in detail by the Code of Consumption (Article 82 - 100 of Leg. September 6 2006 n. 206). Typically, these contracts are already prepared and can not be changed. Recently, the European Court of Justice has recognized the risarcibilità moral damage suffered by holiday ruined by consumers because of the failure or incorrect performance of the tour operator.


When the consumer is considered injured and unable to obtain approval from only the Goodwill for their rights may request the assistance of an association of consumers, such as the Door of Reconciliation active at the Chamber of Commerce (Bari, Foggia, Lecce and Taranto).

If reconciliation is not possible, with the consent of the counterparty, you can activate the Chamber of Arbitration, also at the Chamber of Commerce.

Only when none of these solutions is feasible we have to use the Judge of Peace.

For more information: www.ba.camcom.it (Chamber of Commerce of Bari), www.br.camcom.it (Chamber of Commerce of Brindisi) www.fg.camcom.it (Chamber of Commerce of Foggia), www. le.camcom.it (Chamber of Commerce of Lecce), www.camcomtaranto.com (Chamber of Commerce of Taranto)
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