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The Night of Taranta
The Night of Taranta in Melpignano
The Carpino Folk Festival
The Carpino Folk Festival
The City Paper in Bowmore
The City Paper in Bowmore
European Cinema Festival in Lecce (april)
It is a series of projections over a week, up to the evening delivery dell'Ulivo gold to actors and directors of international big screen.
Salento finibus earth festival in San Vito dei Normanni (late July)
È It is a film review of international short films and shows an original formula: promotes and rewards the courts dividing them into three categories: "Directors in Puglia," Directors Italian and international directors. "
Festival della Valle d'Itria in Martina Franca (July-August)
È It is an opera festival, born in 1975, which proposes new titles and programs rarely heard. The program includes over three weeks, rediscovered works and proved, forgotten masterpieces of Italian opera rich heritage and European interpretations famous musical, affirmations of young singers and performances of important interpreters.
Carpino Folk Festival Carpino (first ten days of August)
It is the festival of popular music and its contamination born in tribute to the popular music of Andrea Sacco and Cantori of Carpino.
Night of Taranta in the municipalities Salentine Greece (August)
It is a festival of folk music Salento, where the traditional pizzica and face the music revisited traditional national and international. It consists of a tour to the countries of the Salentine Greece and other municipalities in the Salento, culminating in the final concertone Melpignano which lasts until the first light of morning.
Salento International Film Festival, Tricase (August)
It is a film festival of independent cinema, organized by CineSalento. It is divided into three sections: "Features world cinema", "Documentary", "Short Films."
Castel of the Worlds to Andria (August-September)
It is an international festival that presents a preview in July and is entirely devoted to the theater. For more than a week, in federiciana residence of Castel del Monte and various monuments and squares in the old town of Andria, will play performances of all kinds and at the same time between them.
Meetings of Trani to Trani (September)
It is a literary festival where you sit around a table, in the Swabian castle of the city, people of different orientation and from different backgrounds. They are confronted around the book, about the company that it is in every issue, to reflect on their relationship between culture and society.
City Paper to Bowmore (last week of November) Campi Salentina
It is a literary festival: the national survey of authors and publishers has a large exposure of the great Italian publishing and media and offers opportunity to reflect on the challenges of our times, using the usual formulas of the meeting with the author, cinema and the theater, and round tables, exhibitions, workshops and competitions. Forte is the involvement of the public and especially schools.
Alba Peoples in Otranto (December)
It is a festival of arts, culture, environment, music and performances and takes place in Otranto Festival.


Baroque Prize in Lecce (June)
It is a recognition of excellence in the entertainment personalities, culture, art, science and sport who have distinguished themselves by making big name in the world (up to 2006 took place in Gallipoli).
Rodolfo Valentino Award in Lecce (July)
It is a recognition to the career of international actors in the film named after the famous silent film star, born in Castellaneta. The award ceremony of the prize, established in 1972, takes place from 2004 to Lecce as between 1972 and 1980 (in 1977 took place in Bari).
Zeus premium to Ugento (September)
It is a public recognition to those who are distinguished in the field of archeology. The sections of the Award are: Young graduates in Archeology in Italy and abroad; Prix career; Innovation and Technology; Restoration Archaeological; Investment in Research and Mission abroad..
Premio Grinzane Terra d'Otranto in Otranto (November)
It is an international recognition on the theme of intercultural comparison. Has two sections: for a literary work that is the theme of tolerance and inclusion and for a particular activity in the field of solidarity and dialogue.


The Procession of the Mysteries
The Procession of the Mysteries in Taranto
the palio of Oria
Palio of Oria
Tables of St. Joseph at Cocumola
Tables of St. Joseph at Cocumola
The Focara a Novoli (16-18 January)
It is the characteristic of the bonfire feast of the patron Saint Anthony Abbot, a monument of agricultural engineering formed by tens of thousands of fagots shoot vine, which exceeds the height and diameter of twenty meters, which is lit with a riot of fireworks on the evening of Jan. 16. In the Days of Fire, also attends many exhibitions and competitions of fireworks and admire the art exhibitions of the great lights. The event was the subject of a documentary of National Geographic and the Nippon Press.
Tables of St. Joseph (18/19 March) at Cocumola, San Marzano di San Giuseppe, Uggiano la Chiesa, Giurdignano, e Lizzano
to Cocumola, San Marzano di San Giuseppe, Uggiano Church, Giurdignano and Lizzano
     It is an ancient tradition in which, in honor of St. Joseph prepares large tables with dishes. During the visit to taula you can taste lu cranu stumpatu and the rock mass ciciri or "vermiceddhri" namely the grain and pasta with chickpeas.
Holy Week in Taranto (March or April)
It is a beautiful and mystical series of rituals that also sees the two main components confraternities of the Church of Taranto race to win the statues and placed in dell'Addolorata processions and mysteries.
Palio di Taranto (May and July)
It is an event in costume which consists of two races with ten boats tied to their districts of the city. The trophy is awarded only after the two races that the disputed May 8 and the third Sunday of July.
Feast of Emergency in San Severo (May)
It is a baroque event which has its hub in the two sumptuous processions with statues of patron saints, the sacred parades are scanned by pyrotechnic batteries, burnt in the districts citizens: the streets, decorated with their color identification, compete for the prize for the best battery. During the ignition of fireworks also are locked in the race "fujenti" rite of young people who run a short distance from the explosion.
Palio di Oria (second week of August)
It is an event in costume, the medieval setting, which takes place in two days: Saturday held a procession to the historic streets and Sunday is disputed between the races the streets of the city for the award of the Palio.
Dance of swords to Torrepaduli (15 and August 16)
It is a dance of the night when San Rocco, the strong pace of tambourines, pairs of men mimic a duel, dancing and "challenge" with the arms and hands.
Devoti a cavalcade of Ostuni (Aug. 26)
It is an ancient rite of celebration for the patron Sant'Oronzo. The Cavalcade of Sant'Oronzo is a parade of horses and riders, Bardi gualdrappe with red uniforms and rich embroidery and sequins. Of particular interest is also conducting two fairs simultaneously, in the three-day festival.
Festa dei Medici in Bitonto Saints (third Sunday in October)
It is a suggestive intorciata, in devotion to the two holy martyrs, traveling the streets and most of the city center. Originated in the thirteenth century when the remains of the arms of Saints Cosmas and Damian came to Boonville. The festival also takes a very busy fair.


Carnival Putignano to Putignano at Putignano
It is considered one of the most important and oldest carnivals in Italy and Europe. The mask feature of the event is called Farinella and owes its name to its putignanese dish. Carnival Putignano is one of the longest in duration since beginning Dec. 26 with the ceremony of the "exchange of the candle." Since 2006, it is also disputed an summer.
Carnival Massafra to Massafra
It is considered one of the most important and festive of Puglia. This is because, unlike other carnivals, most of the course is not masked transenna, and citizens and foreigners involved directly to animation and entertainment motivated by the choreography and sets of wagons and groups that allegorical parade along the main street of the country.


Admission Historic Fiera del Levante in Bari
Admission Historic Fiera del Levante in Bari
Fair to very negative Manduria (March)
It is a fair sample that is the general food production, industry, commerce, leisure and services.
Fiera di San Leone in Boonville (April)
It is a traditional trade fair that has very ancient origins. Originatasi in the XI century had considerable importance and was cited by Giovanni Boccaccio. After a long period of crisis, is returning to flourish. Born fair as livestock, is now all types of products.
Trade Fair at Galatina (June)
It is a great showcase exhibition (58 editions) for Commerce, Industry el'Artigianato aimed at the exploitation of local products.
Market Taste a Maglie (July-August)
It is a gastronomic journey through the streets, squares, courtyards and gardens of the city. The exhibition also enjoys the cooperation of Slow Food, leading to the Market I Deans of Taste of Puglia.
Fiera del Levante in Bari (September)
It is one of the major exhibitions in Italy and throughout the Mediterranean, founded in 1929 on the initiative of the municipality, provincial administration and the chamber of commerce. The fair, the largest in Europe, with more than seven hundred thousand visitors and more than two thousand exhibitors, in an area of approximately 300 thousand square meters, aims to promote exchanges between East and West, of which Bari is, for thousands of years of tradition, the most favorable meeting point.


Rally del Salento on the roads of the province of Lecce (June)
It is a valid motor for the Italian Rally Championship for the Trofeo GT Rally of Italy and the European Cup Rally.
Historical of the Milan-Taranto in Taranto (July)
It is the evocation of the famous motorcycle race that takes place from 1937 to 1940 and from 1950 to 1956, the year in which the latter a law of the state abolished the competitive road races. On the waterfront of the city is placed ion the symbolic milestone for the participants.